Using CLV in betting can be an important tool to utilize for picking up small wins over time. It can also help you pad your bankroll. In order to calculate CLV, you can use one of the numerous free online calculators available. If you are using the expected value method, you can calculate CLV by using a number of different methods. Some of these include comparing the taken odds to the closing odds, comparing the winning probability to the amount of money you have won per bet, and calculating the closing breakeven probability.

A close-up look at CLV will show that it is not a single metric, but rather a series of different measures. One of the easiest ways to measure CLV is using the “dollars and cents” method. Using this method, you would take the bet on a team at -120 and then find the final price at -130 to get a total of 10 cents in CLV. The idea behind CLV is that the return on investment (ROI) will gravitate towards CLV. This is because the profit curve follows closely with the CLV.

Another way to look at CLV is using the difference of 4.4% in the breakeven win probability. This method is not nearly as accurate as the expected value approach, but is still worth considering. For example, the breakeven win probability for a -125 closing line is 55.6%, which is not as good as a -150 closing line with a 60.0% breakeven win probability.

The CLV is an important metric to look at if you have a lot of bets to make in a short period of time. This is because it shows you are a sharp bettor and will likely win in the long run. Especially if you are betting on popular teams, a line move in your favor will help you pad your bankroll.

It is also worth considering the vig, which is the loss you will incur if you make a bet on the line. This is important to know because it can have a big impact on the volatility of returns over a short period of time. Generally, if you are going to bet on a team, you should bet early in the week. If you are betting on the National Anthem, you can maximize your bankroll by placing a bet on the Rams at -3.5.

Getting the most accurate CLV is important for sports bettors who are interested in betting with vig. It can also help them pick up small wins over time, which can add up to a large bankroll padding.

A key to calculating CLV is to try to anticipate where the market is going. Using this approach, you can calculate the winning odds for a spread bet. This is a relatively simple metric to use, but it is often the most overlooked. You can use a free half-point calculator online to calculate the probability of winning a spread bet.